A letter from Carol on her background, love, and passion for learning when it comes to horses.

It ALL began with Brandy.

brandyhead1 (1)

She was my Bureau of Land Management beautiful wild mustang, she became my destiny. She gave me hope, lent me insight, taught me to think, learn and re-think and listen. She was amazingly intelligent yet read my very soul as no other before nor since.

Before Mustang Paradise, my business was named Horsin Around, and riding lessons were the bulk of my business. In addition I was a broker for the students who wanted to find SAFE horses. When we’d find a horse that seemed a good match for the student, often times the horse had a few problems. It was that one tiny necessity that drove me to learn fast and well how to become a trainer for other people and their perfect horse.


The joy of teaching combined with the love for horses made a perfect blend when my family, horses and all moved to Paradise in March of 1996. Mustang Paradise has been a place for me to grow and become healthier. I have been taking in horses to train and RE-train since the third week we lived here. 

The bible says ‘… all things are permissible not all things are profitable‘. Without the owner involved in the training only half of the partnership was being taught. I wanted safe methods that were gentle and humane. I saw a better way to train. I changed much of the way I was teaching and required owners participation on the advice of one of my mentors, Wendy Hilton.

I am looking forward to many more years of training ‘profitable’ horses.”

Relationships built on safety yield fun!


“I Tell You The Truth, Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise.” Luke 23:43

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